Monday, June 16, 2014

Review: Don't Call Me Baby

Imogene's mother blogs for a living - a tell all about Imogene's life. At first, Imogene used to love it  - smiling for the camera and sharing stories. But lately she wishes parts of her life could be private.

She doesn't want to the world knowing about the day she got her period or what boy she hopes will ask her to her first dance. No one seems to understand, except her BFF Sage with the same problem.

When the girls' class assignment is to write a blog, they think it might be the perfect way for their mothers to finally pay attention to their complaints. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out the way they expect. Their mothers ground them, but the girls still haven't gotten through to them. What lengths will they go to achieve their privacy and will it ruin everything? 
My Thoughts: I LOVED this book. I felt so horrible for Imogene and Sage- I can't imagine having my life on display for everyone to read about - especially those awkward tween years. I like how they started to fight back even though that might not have been the best way. I loved the blog lingo and the conference that rang true (I've been to many conferences like that). I loved Imogene's grandmother - she was feisty, sweet, and fun. I loved the ending - a fantastic book that I didn't want to put down.

Cover Thoughts: I like the cover, but I find it misleading because it doesn't go with the book. It makes it seem like a summer novel and it's not.
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cleemckenzie said...

I always love it when the characters engage me.
Sounds like these engaged you a lot.