Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Harlequin Teen Breakfast: BEA Recap 1

I attended the second annual blogger breakfast and it was just as great as last year. Here are the authors (unfortunately, Dawn Metcalf was stuck with a train problem and didn't make it to the breakfast, but I did catch up with her right after her book signing.)

And their books:

Here's a horrible picture of them on stage as they were introduced and then they came around to each table and chatted for 5 fives (along with the great team from Harlequin Teen)

In Acquiring Books: The editors talked about what they look for in a book - something has to hook them on an emotional level. 

Cover Secrets: At Harlequin Teen, each author fills out a fact sheet that helps get the cover design started. Many factors/divisions of the staff have to come together on the cover. The Cover Designers might have nailed it, but if the Marketing Department doesn't like it, things could get changed or if the Sales Department shops it around and a major bookseller doesn't like the cover, it will also need to be redone.

They also asked what helps bloggers out and were very sweet in offering guest posts and getting us in the touch with the authors. 

The Authors:

Robin: Lies We Tell Ourselves
Talked about the research she did - checking out memoirs and interviews. Such a different story than what I was expecting when the book was first described - a great idea. 
Fun Fact: Lisa W (part of the fab Harlequin Teen Team) is on the cover of the book.

Adi: Let Get Lost
Wrote the book from perspectives the main character meets along the way and then at the end, we hear from the MC. He learned about the character as he wrote the perspectives. Did some road trips, but not this exact one. He coaches basketball. Speaks three languages. Likes multiple perspectives. Next book (out next summer) is about a boy girl friendship turned romance. 

Jennifer: Stone Cold Touch
Gargoyles and romance. The gargoyles are safe when in stone form, but they're Guardian angels. People at my table gushed over her books. I'm adding these to my TBR pile. 

Alexandra: Ghost Houses
Alex was lucky enough to do some research in England - in old houses. We talked about our love for England, British accents on guys *swoon*, and ghost stories.

Julie: Talon
Dragons and more. We talked about the dragon BEA hunt

Here is the awesome promo car in the Harlequin Booth

Here are the goodies in our swag bag (and I seriously Love that bag)
A fun notebook and pen, Lies We Tell Ourselves, a chapter sampler of Let's Get Lost, Ghost House, and Talon.

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