Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: Assassin's Blade

* Prequel to Throne of Glass * 

I'm so in love with this series. I found it fascinating to see Celaena's life before Throne of Glass - her dealings with Sam and Arobynn.

Here's what I loved:
1. Seeing Celaene rise to power
2. Her Consciousness - and how it didn't matter, she was going to do the right thing
3. The feelings - especially at the end. 
4. Her banter with Sam
5. Her love for girly material things - made her a bit more human
6. Her time in the desert.

If you haven't read this series yet - what are you waiting for? Run to your library/bookstore and grab it.


ANJA said...

I really want to grab a copy of this because I'm so interested in finding out about Celaena and Sam and what happened in that area, but I still haven't read Crown of Midnight. Which one should I read first?

Jennifer Rummel said...

I think it's fine to read the Assassin's Blade first. :)

Micheline said...

I absolutely adored this novella too! It had everything a full-length novel has and more! I'd always been curious as to Celaena's life before the events of ToG and the Salt Mines so reading this was a must! I loved it even more than I was expecting though - and those feels at the end?! Gah! Almost killed me! It was nice to get to know Same (♥) and Arobynn (grrr!!) too. Glad you loved this one ^^

Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews