Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: Sugar and Iced

 * Book 6 in the Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series *

Tate is driving Mel crazy with ideas on ways to expand, but even Mel agrees to provide cupcakes for the 75th annual Sweet Tiara beauty pageant when her mother asks. Setting up a cupcake display tree for three days is great publicity for their bakery.

And it works in their favorite when their friend decides to enter the competition. Lupe gets rid of her green hair and dresses in a more feminine style. She wants to win the scholarship money so she can attend Stamford.

Unfortunately, not everyone's happy to see her at the pageant. The other girls are horrific and their mothers are worse. Even the judges aren't thrilled with a new comer - going so far as to judge her harshly.  When the judging is called into question - Lupe and the judge argue.

The next day, the judge ends up murdered. Lupe's the prime suspect. Can she handle the stress of the competition and the stress of the investigation?
My Thoughts: I love this series - and this book was great! All the talk about Mel's cupcakes makes my mouth water. I might have to try a recipe or two. I really liked the family relationship with Mel and her mother. I like how Tate is driving Mel crazy, but also making her think. Marty and Olivia's relationship makes me laugh, as does Olivia with Mel and Angie. I really liked seeing more of Lupe and Oz in this book and I love how they fit into the circle of friends. The pageant scenes seemed like a nightmare - making it hard to believe anyone wants to be under that kind of pressure. I loved hearing about what the contestants came up with for cupcake recipes - very entertaining. I loved the really happy moments, but I'm sad about the twist at the end - which is making me anxious for the next book. 

Cover Thoughts: Super Cute
Source: My Library

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