Sunday, April 6, 2014

Adult Review: Waiting on You

 * Book 3 in the Blue Heron series *

Colleen's been helping people find the right person for years. Unfortunately for her, she has yet to find that person for her. Once upon a time, she thought she and Lucas would be forever, until everything changed.

Suddenly Lucas is back in town and Colleen can't stop thinking about them. They become friendly again, but she's cautious. She doesn't want him breaking her heart - again. But she still has questions about the past. In getting her answers, her heart might soften. Is she in for another heartbreak?
My Thoughts: I really love this series and the small town charm. I loved Colleen in the other books and am so glad she has her own book. I enjoyed her relationship with her brother - all the banter, but sweetness underneath. I enjoyed her mother trying to figure out her life. I really liked Paulie and her attempts to win over Bryce. Those scenes were priceless and made me laugh out loud - hard. I felt horrible for Lucas - for his childhood, for not belonging anywhere, and for trying desperately to figure things out. A fantastic book, one that's perfect for summer. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library
Fun Fact: Book 4! In Your Dreams is coming in Sept. and it's about Jack

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Jac said...

I am just starting this book today! (I read the book before, and the book after, and loved them both!!)

Thnks for the great review - I'm super excited for this one!!

Jac @ For Love and Books