Thursday, March 13, 2014

Upcoming Book Review: Geography of You and Me

One night Lucy and Owen get stuck in an elevator when a black out hits the entire East Coast. It's only 30 minutes before help funds them, but it's enough to make a small connection,

They spend time that night walking about the city - eating ice cream and talking about why they love or hate the city. Finally they climb up to the roof of their apartment building where they talk about everything.

Lucy awakes in the morning - on top of the roof and alone. The spell is broken as she's not sure if she should find Owen and talk with him some more.

That one evening changes both of them. Soon, each of them are moving to new places. They start keeping in touch with emails and postcards, but eventually life gets in the way and their communication dwindles.  Was their friendship only meant to last that one night?
My Thoughts: I Loved this book - I loved how their short time together changed the way they viewed things in the world and how it changed both of them.I liked how they struggled to remain friends during their life changes - the moves, dealing with parents, exploring new cities, and finding new friends. I liked how they still thought about each other. I really liked  the short chapter portion - and how connected they were at that time. I really liked how they traveled around different parts of the world and how they saw the sights. I loved this sentence (the last one in this paragraph):

I Loved this book, a perfect read from one of my favorite authors. Add it to your TBR list!

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: ARC for review
Release Date: April 15th

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Ginger @ GReads! said...

I really enjoyed this book, too. It was a slow build for me, and it never quite took off, but in the end I realized the significance in that. Really well done.