Monday, March 31, 2014

Parched Blog Tour: Interview with Georgia Clark

About the Book (Summary from Publisher)
 Robots, renewable resources, and romance get tangled together in this thrilling futuristic novel about a utopian city and the sixteen-year-old girl who challenges its peace.
In sixteen-year-old Tessendra Rockwood's world, natural resources are at an all-time low. Most remaining supplies are funneled into Eden, known as the "powerful city of shining abundance," while citizens of the surrounding Badlands eat gelatinous gray porridge and drink reddish iron water.

Tess was born an Edenite, but after the death of her scientist mother she decides to combat this inequality by joining a rebel group called Kudzu. Together they uncover a shocking government plot to carry out genocide in the Badlands using artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, Tess has some complicated ties to the project that test her loyalty.

Will Tess risking her life bring justice to Eden?

Interview with Georgia Clark

Thanks for talking with Me Georgia!

1.     Do you think Earth's resources are in danger for the near (20 years) future?
Yes, I do. Climate change (which 97% of scientists and most Americans agree is a real threat) and our consumerist lifestyles unfortunately destroy so much of our beautiful planet. That’s why it’s important to live sustainably and be kind to the earth. There’s so much you can do: recycle, reduce water and electricity use, buy organic food, have a little compost and veggie garden, buy Fair Trade, stop eating meet, donate to charities you believe in. Educate yourself: it’s empowering and responsible. You can also check out the good work of folks like Charity: Water, who are working to provide clean drinking water to everyone on the planet.

 2.     If you had a robot, what task would you like it to be able to perform?
Help me exercise. I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to writing but I am sooooooo lazy when it comes to working out. I consider going to a yoga class once a month a huge achievement. I’m the worst.
Oh, that sounds good :)

3.     What would make you join a rebel underground movement?
I basically did join a rebel underground movement at university! I was a student activist, and we fought for women’s rights, gay rights, environmental stuff; the works. But to join a group like Kudzu, who are far braver and facing bigger odds than we were: I think I’d just need a way in. Ling would be like, “Do you want to join—”  and I’d be like, “Yes, awesome, when can I start?!”

 4.     What inspired the world of Eden?
My hometown of Sydney, Australia, inspired Eden. It’s this gorgeous, isolated place that seems somewhat oblivious of the rest of the world. The lifestyle there is fantastic. Every day is sunny. The air in the city smells like salt from the sea. When I go back from my home here in New York, I’m always struck by how beautiful and clean and empty it is. It’s surreal.

5.     If you were going 20 years in to the future - what one item would you take to go with you?
My laptop probably wouldn’t work in the future, so I’d take a pen and paper to record my thoughts. Old school style!

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