Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tween Tuesday Review: Titanic series

Paddy never thought he'd be aboard the Titanic, but after a run-in with a gang where his brother goes missing (possibly murdered), he finds himself seeking safe passage. As a stow-away, he learns the layout of the ship and attempts to steer clear of everyone. It doesn't work.

He meets a steward - who lied about his age to work aboard the same ship as his father. When Paddy hears Alfie's secret, he blackmails the boy into helping him. Alfie befriends two of his charges: Sophie (who's mother's a well known suffragette and Julianna (who's father gambles excessively).  The four roam about the ship, helping each other out of tight situations, and uncovering the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Their lives change forever when the ship hits the iceberg. They pull together to save themselves and each other, but out of  2228 people, only 705 survived. 

My Thoughts: We read the first book for a 4th and 5th grade book club - everyone liked it. I felt like I needed to read the rest and find out what happened! They're fast paced books with the usual action, danger, and adventure from Gordon Korman. I really like how he wrote in facts about Votes for Woman and Jack the Ripper. I thought the beginning where Daniel figured out everything was interesting - very smart. I liked the twists and turns of the novel - but obviously knowing where the novel would end up due to history. 

Cover Thoughts: I love how they connect.
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