Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Maid Of Secrets

I was able to participate in the Maid Of Secrets blog tour where I interviewed Jane. Now, here's my book review. 

Meg's a master of disguises, which she puts to good use stealing from the crowd gathered around the acting troupe. When she's caught, she's given a choice: work for the Queen or rot in a dungeon cell where her fellow actors of the troupe would be hunted down and killed.

Without much of a choice, Meg chooses to work for the Queen. She's amazed to discover the spy service for the queen. She's taught proper courtly manners and defend herself. She has not let learned to read, though she would rather die than tell anyone. She can recite back anything she hears, but doesn't want to let out her secret. Meg soon learns there are rarely secrets among spies.

As she's given her first assignment, Meg comes to understand just what's at stake. Someone's plotting against the Queen. Someone wants to stir up trouble at court. Someone wants to force the Queen to marry and have a male helping her rule. Meg's job is locate the source of the trouble; but it's hard to root out evil when she doesn't know who she can trust.
My Thoughts:  I loved this book for the court intrigue, the secrets, the maids, the secret passageways, and the romance. I loved watching Meg understand her role as a Queen's spy, figuring out who to trust and finding friends. I loved watching her playing the games of court. Meg's fierce, loyal, and determined - everything I like in character. I liked learning more about Elizabethan England and her court. I loved the cat and mouse games played by Meg and Rafe.  Plot twists, danger, and an intriguing romance kept me furiously turning these pages!

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: My Library
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Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

"...court intrigue, the secrets, the maids, the secret passageways, and the romance" and "Plot twists, danger"???

I'm sold. This book sounds incredible! Fabulous review :)