Friday, June 14, 2013

Mini Adult Review: Sea Glass Island

The last book in a trilogy of three sisters, starting over in their lives. This book focuses on the oldest - Samantha. Samantha went to New York fresh out of high school to become an actress. Now roles are coming further and further apart and she's not sure she wants to continue acting.

The Good: I liked how Samantha realized her heart wasn't in finding acting jobs anymore. I like how she figured out her next step in life, regardless of the other things happening in her life. I thought her romance with Ethan was sweet. I liked and admired Ethan - for all that he overcame, but also how he helped kids with similar issues. I liked the interaction and romance building between them. I loved Samantha's meddling sisters and grandmother. A sweet end to a wonderful trilogy and perfect beach reads. 

The Bad: The trilogy is over. 

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