Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teen Thursday Reviews

These are reviews from teens at the library, reading over the summer

Dare to You by Kate McGarry: 5 stars
this book is the best!!! it's about two characters from very different world and place who comes together unexpectedly. the first character is a guy name Ryan who from the outside people would think he is perfect. but at home he deals with a lot of complicated things including the fact that his brother is gay. but things get complicated when his friend dares him to ask the mysterious new girl at school,name Beth,out. and when things start to get heated between him and Beth and his parents disapprove, what will his choice be? the girl he is falling hard for or his family's command?

the second character is a girl name Beth. Beth is the mysterious girl who never let any one in her life,except for her two guy friends Noah and Isiah, so she wont get hurt. like Ryan, Beth sometime act confident and tough but she is going through a lot. including the fact that her mom is on drugs and get beat by her boyfriend. when an accident happen, Beth ends up in her uncle's custody. although she hates where she is but she can't help notices how things start to heat up between her and a jock name Ryan. although she know she is falling for him hard but how can she let her guard down after she has been hurt by so many people in her life? is she making the right decision by trusting this boy?

The Maze Runner by James Dashner: 4 stars
At first, I only started reading the book out of pure boredom but I never expected that I would get hooked! The story like many of my other reviewed books is a fast paced action and adventure.
As a young adult female, I found it fascinating to peer into the mind of an adolescent male. The main character is Thomas, a young boy who has no memories of who he is, where he is or anything else.
The story starts off with him covered in darkness, surrounded by a great amount of noise and in a crate. When the crate is opened, he is quickly urged to climb a rope by mysterious voices.
Just reading the beginning entraps you to go on. The next day, a girl arrives in the same area with a note telling the others that she is the last one. This is news that automatically shocks all of the others. Normally, only one person arrives per month. Now that two suspicious kids arrived in a row, the others grow weary of what's going on. Everything that they've ever known begins to change.
This is a world that is normally filled with just males who have built everything from their own hands. A civilization with jobs, a council and even growing their own crops.
But outside of their home, lies a gate that lies to a maze. And if you're caught in the maze after sundown, your fate is uncertain death. Thomas being a curious boy wants to go out into the maze.
As you follow his path to be different and possibly help him and the others escape what is none other than an experiment, you begin to wonder what kind of futuristic world would allow children to be faced in this kind of situation. Trust me, after reading, you'll be anxious until you read the next in the series and then the next.

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