Sunday, June 23, 2013

Adult Review: Apple Orchard

Tess finds lost treasures and restores them to their owners. She's a workaholic who loves her job - which doesn't leave her much time for a social life.

She's stunned to learn that she has a grandfather, nevermind that he just took a nasty fall and is currently in a coma. Her mother never told her the identity of her father. Tess has been named in her grandfather's will. Even though he's still alive, his fall set wheels into motion.

Now Tess travels to Bella Vista, the apple orchard she stands to inherit half of upon his demise. There she comes to know her half sister Isabel. Both girls are shocked to learn the truth about their past, but both are happy to find each other.

Tess stays at Bella Vista, letting the place warm her heart. She's heartbroken to discover that financial woes make it likely that the bank will take possession of it - and soon. Their banker and the manager of her grandfather's will, Dominic, does everything in his power to stop that from happening, but it might not be enough.

Now that Tess has found herself a family and her heart has loosened, she refuses to let go. She digs in trying to find something that will change the fate of Bella Vista. 

My Thoughts: A beautifully written novel, perfect for the start of summer and the start of a new series. I want to travel to Bella Vista as it sounds simply perfect. I loved Tess's job - it sounds amazing. I love how Tess felt about her new family; I liked how Tess and Isabel became close.  I liked learning about Tess's past.  I love how Tess found her way. I really liked Dominick and his kids, they added humor to the book. While I liked the multiple perspectives, I wished for a perspective from Isabel. I felt like for most of the book she was in denial about the likelihood of leaving her home and I wanted to know what she was thinking while going through this difficult time.All in all, a wonderful book on families, second chances, and love. 

Cover Thoughts: Beautiful
Source: My Library

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