Monday, June 10, 2013

BEA 2013: Recap 4

I loved talked with people in line and meeting different librarians and bloggers and book people. I love meeting people who adore books as much as I do!

I started my day off with the Children's Author Breakfast (which isn't really a breakfast). I sat in the chairs behind the tables. On my chair was a Percy Jackson T-shirt and Divergent. This was my first breakfast and it was an amazing way to start the day!

Octavia Spencer was the hostess - she was funny and engaging. Her new book Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective has ninjas, mystery, and treasure-hunting. 

First speaker was Mary Pope Osborne of the Magic Tree House fame. She talked about her readers and shared several letters with us. Second Rick Riordan spoke of his sons' influence on his writing and how his students' helped him. Veronica Roth had a different tone - she was more serious and focused her talk on the value of reading for fun, but with an open mind for learning.

Back on the BEA floor, I passed by the Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler line and snapped a picture. 

The line was already starting for Richelle Mead, so I waited for her signing. I'm excited about her adult book!

I got an ARC signed from Wendy Mass, whom readers at my library LOVE

I finally got to meet Shannon Greenland!

I got the newest Kingdom Keepers book signed, along with a picture with Ridley Pearson

I met Helen Fielding, am excited about Mad About the Boy

I got a signed ARC for Brandon Mull's new book - Spirit Animals

I saw R2D2 at Tom Angleberger's book line. 

Here are some great romances I got signed for the library collection

Some great looking books:

Summer Reading Prizes

Summer Reading Prizes

Summer Reading Prizes:

Summer Reading Prizes 

Middle Grade Summer Reading Prizes:

Middle Grade Summer Reading Prizes

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