Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Twilight Saga

My Thoughts: The Complete Film Archive is perfect for fans of the books and movies. The photos are amazing, many of them unique.  They cover the pages, making this a glossy book.  I enjoyed the photos of S. Meyer with the cast and director from the first movie. The archive ranges from color on the sets to character profiles to candid quotes about the film from the actors/actresses. The book looks at the filming of the movie - the sets, the challenges, the complications, and it shares some secrets.  
While it's a GREAT book for the in depth view of the Twilight saga, it's not a great book for libraries. It's similar to the  -ology books with little pieces inside as well as photos and papers glued to the pages. I hope that it lasts a few circulations in my library.

Cover Thoughts: Still marketing the love triangle
Source: my Library.

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