Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trading Faces: a Middle School Book Club

This past fall, I partnered with the Kelly Middle School and Teacher's Memorial Middle School ASPIRE program. After school, twice a week, they bused a group of kids to the library and we read Trading Faces. It's a favorite tween book of mine, one that added to the middle school summer reading list when the school librarian and I redid the lists this past year.

We took a few chapters and discussed the book each week, most of the questions were based on Would You Rather, a style they enjoyed. It also got them talking about the book in ways that other discussion questions didn't. We had trivia contests, mazes, and word searches just for fun.

At the end of the program, we decided to create a book trailer. This was several weeks of work, and one day of filming. Our filming was cut short thanks to Hurricane Sandy. They were split up into teams: acting, camera work, script writing, and editing. The editing team didn't get to do their job because we filmed on the last day of the program. However, the rest of the film is all their work.

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JuliaDeVillers said...

Payton and Emma and friends come to real life!