Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Review Thursday: Life in Icicle Falls

Now that's it's snowed, it's officially time to read and review holiday books! They will range from picture book to teen books to adult romances.

The Sterling family's owned Sweet Dreams Chocolate Company ever since Samantha's great grandmother Rose dreamed about the very first recipe. Now, it's struggling and it's just about to be foreclosed upon.

Samantha can't believe this is happening. The bank can't help them delay their payments any longer. They're calling in the entire loan. She can't help but think it's her stepfather Waldo's fault as he took over her inheritance when he married her mother. His decision making proved to be troublesome to say the least.

He just died, letting the company fall back into Samantha's hands, where she believes it should have been all along. As the older sister, Samantha's always swooped in to save the day. She's not sure she has it in her this time.

With the help of her mother and her two sisters, they come up with a brilliant plan. They're going to host a chocolate festival in Icicle Falls for Valentine's Day. Obstacles are in the way, but Samantha's confident they can overcome them. She's not about to let anyone, including the sexy bank manager Blake, deter her from saving her family business.

My Thoughts: Ok, technically this ISN'T a holiday story, but it reads like one. I love reading about the chocolate business combined with the charm of small town life. I wanted to move to Icicle Falls. The shops and restaurants sound amazing. Plus the people were charming. I loved getting to know the townspeople.  I loved reading from all perspectives and seeing everyone's take on the chocolate business and what it means to the town. A cozy romance, just perfect for sipping hot chocolate and reading under a blanket.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: Signed ARC at BEA
Fun Fact: This recipe came with the book, so I thought I'd share it with you!

*Sequel to Better Than Chocolate*

Cass couldn't wait to host her daughter's wedding, until she realizes the role her ex-husband will play in it. As an absent father for most of her children's lives, she's shocked that her daughter wants her father to walk her down the aisle.  Cass couldn't be happier for her daughter, but Danille's turning into bridezilla. How can she deal with her ex-husband and his trophy wife during the wedding without ruining the special day?

Charlene thought she was done forever with her ex-husband. She's shocked when he turns up, ready to prove himself to her all over again. At first she resists him, but soon he's wearing down her defenses. Could he want to reconcile?

Ella and her husband just finalized their divorce. However, they're stuck living together until they sell the house. It's not an easy situation and Ella tries hard to keep from yelling all the time at Jake. Is there anything fueling that anger?

Between the three women, life in Icicle falls surely isn't dull this holiday season.

My Thoughts: After I finished Better Than Chocolate, I needed this one! I loved picking back up with characters from this town. I loved learning more about their lives,especially characters from the previous book. I like seeing things from multiple perspectives, especially with Jake and Ella. I would have liked learning more about Cass's Gingerbread Haus bakery. Again, a perfectly wonderful romance to devour before the holidays.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: my Library

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Up Next: The Next book in the series comes out in March and I can't WAIT!

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