Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Thursdays at Eight

Four woman took a class on journaling. The class was horrible, but they formed a bond. They meet each Thursday for coffee and share details of their lives.

Claire's drowning in anger at the through of her broken marriage. She's trying to pick up the pieces and become the person she used to be, before everything happened.

Elizabeth's family just moved away. Now for the first time since her husband died, she's alone. She hates that feeling. She doesn't want to waste any more time of her life. After all, she thought she would have all the time in the world with her husband, but it was not to be.

Karen's an actress who's trying to earn the support of her family. They don't approve of her occupation. She struggles between wanting their support and wanting her independence.

Julia's family seemed complete with two kids and a brand new business. Then she discovers that she's pregnant. She's not happy about the surprise and all the changes it will bring to her life.

Together these women support each other when they're down, they cheer on success, and help counsel through the most trying times. 

My Thoughts: I really love Debbie Macomber's books. I enjoyed the different perspectives of each woman, along with their journal entries. I also liked how the ages of the women varied. I love books on women supporting each other through life. It makes me long for a group of friends just like it! I liked the set up of the book - each woman picked a word to match the upcoming year. At the end of the year, they talked about how the word defined their year.  While they had several problems and heartaches, they also had several triumphs.  A fabulous blend of messy life with glimmers of hope and success. 

Cover Thoughts: Love the new cover
Source: My Library

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