Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: The Liar Society


Kate receives an email from her dead best friend Grace and her whole world changes. Grace couldn't really be emailing her from beyond the grave...could she?

Either way, it turns out Kate was RIGHT about Grace's death. It wasn't an accident and Grace's boyfriend might know more then he's letting on.

Kate uncovers Grace's pearls for luck and starts digging up the past.
The more clues she uncovers, the more emails Grace sends her, and the more dangerous her life becomes. With all the rumors, it's hard to know who to trust.

Does Kate have anyone watching her back? Could it be her nerdy neighbor who has a conspiracy obsession and a major crush on Kate? Could it be a boy with a dangerous past, but a wicked smile?

Will Kate solve the mystery of Pemberley Brown's past and find out what really happened the night of Grace's death?

Obtaining the Book: I've been stalking the authors of this book for months -because I couldn't wait to read this book and because they're hilarious. Their blog makes me laugh daily. So I was super happy when I found this gem in my mailbox - and it IS a gem. I had already read the first chapter online (something I don't normally do because it only makes me want the book even more - which this one did). I was hooked from the first little bit and I never looked back.

My Thoughts: I seriously loved this book and I tweeted about my need for the next book RIGHT NOW. I loved it because of mystery, the romance, the friendships, sense of danger, and the LAYERS. As Kate unravels the mystery of Grace's death,, the reader finds out what happened after Grace's death. I loved quirky nerdy Seth and his competition (not really) Dylan who's the edgy bad boy. I loved how these three fit together. I loved the clues scattered all over the school and researching the history of the school. All in all, I just really loved this book.

Cover Thoughts: I like the cover. I love the girl in her uniform and the pearls. I think the pink hair adds some flair. I'm not crazy about the sign though. I wish it had an emblem on it or something different. That said, I do think that this cover screams to be picked up.

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Jessica said...

This book sounds so good! I am officially jealous that you got to read it already... :)