Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adult Review: Mr. Darcy's Little Sister

Most girls can't wait for their debut and presentation to the court but Georgianna isn't most girls. She's nervous and has a horrible feeling she will mess up dreadfully.

She's so shy that it's painful for her to talk to strangers. On top of that, her social graces need serious work. Now that her brother's getting married, there are big changes ahead.

She doesn't want to feel like an outsider in her own home. Georgiana's only met Elizabeth Bennet once. She's nervous about meeting her again.

Elizabeth smooths over her feelings, happy to have a new sister in her life. As Elizabeth comes to understand her role as the new mistress of Pemberley, she strives to help her new sister feel at ease in society. Together the new sisters form a a deep bond while tackling the elite society.

As her season commences, Georgianna finds herself happier and look for potential husbands. Before long, she knows that one man in particular has captured her heart. If only she could get him to notice her...

My Thoughts: As an avid Jane Austen fan and particular fan of Pride and Prejudice, I love reading other sequels. I found this a delightful read. I loved watching the relationship between Georgianna and Elizabeth grow and blossom. I loved watching her interact with the rest of Elizabeth's family. I loved reading more about Georgianna's other friends. It was nice to see more of the slice of the Darcy family mentioned in Pride and Prejudice. All in all, a very enjoyable sequel.

Cover Thoughts: Very elegant and ties in nicely with the book

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