Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: Aphrodite the Beauty

When Aphrodite walks into a room - all conversation from godboys stops. They all turn to look at her. While she loves the idea of love and matchmaking, she hates all the attention.

She decides to help Athena and give her a makeover. Aphrodite does such an amazing job that soon all the godboys flock to Athena instead. Aphrodite isn't sure she likes the change in behavior.

In fact, she might be a tad bit jealous of all the attention her friend's getting. How can she get things to change back to normal without causing a rift with one of her best friends?

My Thoughts: A cute tween tale that focuses on jealously and boy mixed with friendship. Aphrodite and Athena have plenty of misunderstandings and miscommunication- including eavesdropping between them. I love this series for the potential romance between the goddess girls and the godboys, for the strong friendship between the goddess girls, and for the fun twists on mythology.

Cover Thoughts: Really cute and fits in with the both the series covers and the story. I love the differences between the two boys and the pink ribbon weaving through Aphrodite's hair.

Source: Inter-Library Loan

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Jessica said...

Loved the first two in the series. Can't wait to read these two. :)