Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review:Sinister Sprinkles

Right in the middle of the Winter Festival, someone lets out a horrifying scream as if someone's been murdered.

Darlene Higgins is dead.

Suzanne has a past with this woman - and so does her ex-husband. When Max hears he's wanted for questioning, he goes into hiding.

At first Suzanne resists poking her nose into police work, but she can't let Max go down in flames. Nor does she want him back. She simply wants to clear his name and let the town get back to normal...

My Thoughts: Each time I read one of these books (this is the 3rd in the series) I CRAVE donuts. It's impossible not to. I love this series for the tasty mouth-watering donuts, for the relationship between Suzanne and her BFF Grace, and also her relationship with her co-worker Emma. There's a just a hint of romance to shake things up a bit in this small town mystery.

Cover Thoughts: Love it! It fits in well with the rest of the covers

Source: My Library

Next Up: Evil Eclairs out at the end of April:

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Jessica said...

OMG. Now I'm craving really, the cover for "Evil Eclairs" is really cool with the custard spilling out into a skull and crossbones!