Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dead Girl Series

Dead Girl Walking:
Directly after eavesdropping, learning how the populars view her, and finding out that she's received a collegiate scholarship, an out-of-control mail truck hits Amber. Despite her severe injuries, she doesn't die. Exactly. Instead, her soul ends up in the body of a fellow classmate: Queen B Leah. Leah just attempted suicide and Amber's desperately trying to adapt to this new life. She's dying to know why the most popular girl in school hates life. Slowly, Amber uncovers layers of Leah's life and realizes that things aren't always wonderful for the school's golden girl. When Amber realizes that she might never escape Leah's body, she attempts to make some major adjustments.

Dead Girl Dancing:
When Amber mentioned that she might be body swapping again, she had no idea that her grandmother meant straight away. Now, instead of returning to her own life and her own family, she wakes up in the body of her boyfriend's sister. She's just received a stalker like text and now she's being hustled out of her room by her roommate and her friend to get to Mexico for Spring Break. On the way they meet up with some boys. Amber finds herself out of her league. Sharayah's older and more wild than Amber. She's just hoping she can keep herself out of danger with a potential stalker and a Dark Lifer after her.

Dead Girl in Love
While Amber's been body surfing, she's missed out on her own life - including the life of her best friend. Amber just wants to get back to her own life, but when she hears that Alyce needs to break -she doesn't hesitate in rescuing her best friend. Amber comes to realize that she's not a very good friend. There's so much about Alyce that she doesn't know. While trying to help her best friend uncover a deep dark secret, she realizes that a familiar Dark Lifer is following her. He offers to teach her ways to harness her powers. She's so tempted to take him up on these offers, but should she trust him?

Linda Joy Singleton starts up a new series with DEAD GIRL WALKING, where she perfectly combines the hardship of teen life with a paranormal aspect, immediately hooking readers. Each book grows a little darker and a little more suspenseful. I love her novels!


Liz said...

Wow! These look good :D
I'm going to have to check them out!

Linda Joy Singleton said...

I'm go glad you've enjoyed my books!! Thanks for posting about them (g).

Anonymous said...

I've seen this series and wondered about them. I'll be taking a closer look now! Thanks for sharing.