Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love at First Click

Hayley can't compete with her gorgeous sister who catches the eyes of almost every boy in school and she's dated a few of them. When her current boyfriend needs to devote himself to football - she gets angry and breaks up with him. Now he's talking to Hayley. Hayley can't help talk back even though as friends but she doesn't know what to do when he starts wanting more. Especially when she discovers that she's falling for her sister's current boyfriend Flynn. At first she thought it was just a camera crush, but as they spend more time together she begins to suspect something different. Her sister's boyfriend is totally off limits, but she can't help wishing that wasn't the case.

A cute romance perfect for tweens or first romances. This book is actually part of a series called First Kisses - the other books had a more similar looking covers but this cover is completely different (and better).

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