Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Never Cry Werewolf

Shelby follows her heart...and it gets her into trouble. This time she can't talk her way out of getting caught after curfew kissing a hottie. Her step mother is insisting on sending her to summer camp. But it's not the leisurely camp with sports or canoe rides down the river - this is brat camp. It's where the rich send their children for hard work, therapy, and to learn discipline. It's basically the worst possible way to spend your summer. Shelby at least isn't going to the worst of these camps. While talking to the rest of the campers, she realizes that she's going to have to work hard at not shooting off her mouth this summer. Just when she think she might be able to take care of herself, a boy appears. He's just any boy, he's a Brit who wears a leather coat in the summer heat. In an instant, Shelby's summer goes from bad to worse. Not only does Austin make her swoon, but he's got a secret - a deep dark secret that would ruin his family is anyone found out the truth. Once she recovers from the shock, Shelby does her best to help him. But will helping him land into scalding hot water?

Never Cry Werewolf is the debut novel from Buzz Girl Heather Davis and it's a treat. Paranormal - scandal - rich kids- and romance, it's a wickedly fun read. Plus the cover is awesome.

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Ellz said...

I love the cover too! This sounds like a great read. I haven't read any werewolf book, but I am adding this one to my list.