Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Full Moon

Lindsey's had her whole life mapped out for her - including her soul mate. Her parent's have chosen him and they've grown up together. Connor's in all her important moments - but lately she's beginning to question if she loves him because she loves him or because they've been pushed together so often that she can't imagine herself with out him. It's not surprise that she's having these thoughts when she can't get Rafe out of her head. His glances leave her breathless - something Connor's never does. She dreams about kissing him. In her society - mates are chosen after one's 17th birthday to help with the change. The transformation into a werewolf for the first time is a painful process and having your mate their lessens the pain and intensifies the experience. Lindsey doesn't know what to trust. Her friends aren't really a big help either because Brittany believes the system is archaic because males go through the transformation without their mates and Kayla's so disgustingly happy with her mate. How will Lindsey decide something so important and in such a short time - with her heart or her head?

This is the 2nd book in the trilogy that left me eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. Each book is written from the perspective of the three girls - and each take a different look at love and werewolves. There's danger lingering over from the first book with scientists looking to capture and run tests on a werewolf and expose their secrets. Danger, paranormal, and romance - the perfect combination!

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Ellz said...

Sounds good. There seems to be a flux of werewolf books lately. This one stands out in my mind, maybe its the title.