Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twenties Girl

Lara's life is crap. She just left her job to start up a company with her best friend who ran off while on vacation to hang out with a man on the beach. Lara's left to pick up the pieces of becoming a head hunter - which she knows absolutely nothing about. Her life is about to get...strange. At a family funeral for a aunt nobody visited, the body becomes a ghost that only Lara can see. Soon she's stopping the funeral with outrageous lies about murder. Sadie can't rest until she finds a very special necklace. She haunts Lara and guilts her into helping search and recover the necklace. Sadie, a lover of the 20s era, breaks through to Lara. She pops through on her dates, makes her ask out a perfect stranger, and forces her to wear flapper outfits. Lara just wants things to get back to normal but while uncovering details about the necklace, she uncovers some family secrets all while learning to cope with having a ghost for a BFF.

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella books and this one was no different. She's so funny and puts her characters in impossible situations. SO FUN! I wish she wrote a few YA novels because I think they would also be excellent.

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