Monday, January 30, 2023

Review: Snow Foal


Addie ends up in foster care after her mom's struggles come out. Addie doesn't understand what's happening, but she's hurt and angry and mad at the world. A family on a remote farm takes her in. They already have two foster kids and one adopted child. 

Addie knows she's going home soon, so there's no reason to make friends. But the farm is cozy and there's a foal who needs help. The foal doesn't trust anyone either - just like Addie. The two of them forge a connection. 
My Thoughts: This was a lovely book that broke your heart but stitched it back together again. I felt terrible for Addie dealing with her mother and not understanding why she needed to go into foster care. There aren't enough books about foster care and this one was really special. I loved the farm - the moments with the animals - and the comfort from nature. I enjoyed reading about the other foster kids - and how their lives were impacted by the farm. It was impossible not to root for all of them. I loved Addie and the foal - the moments between them were very sweet. While there was hurt and anger, there was also healing and understanding and friendship. 

Cover Thoughts: Cozy and adorable
Source: My Library
Library Recommendation: A must have for your library's collection. 

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