Monday, August 8, 2022

Graphic Novel Review: Party Animals

Cranky Chicken's birthday is here. Speedy the Worm wants to throw him a surprise party - but Cranky Chicken isn't sure if he likes surprises.... or parties. But Speedy the Worm has an idea on how to make it better.
My Thoughts: So, I loved the first book - couldn't wait for the second one. And it did not disappoint. Loved it. So much friendship and kindness, funny moments, and trying new things with a twist. I hope there are several more stories in the works!

Also this is just a funny page - but of course my favorite is the Pride and Prejudice one! 

Library Recommendation: A must have book for your graphic novel collections. 
Also I hand this one out a lot to people looking at the graphic novels. And they also enjoy it! 

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Helen's Book Blog said...

A Cranky Chicken sequel! That's so much fun.