Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Picture Book Wednesday: Family Books

This week, I'm talking about family books

Three Squeezes means I love you between a father and son. 

This is a sweet picture book as the son grows up and has children of his own. 

One child misses their father - who has been in prison for years. Life is hard, but family is supportive.

This one is a much needed book - for kids going through the same thing but also for the kids who aren't. The child is this book is bullied at school for having a father who is a criminal. Reading this book and understanding the need for Empathy is so important.

This book is a love letter to all the great grandmothers out there. 

Love this story and the sentiment. It makes me miss my grandmother. The art work is cute and the characters are diverse.

What makes a family?

A sweet message in this charming story. I adore the illustrations in this book. 

Nana's garden grows wild and free. The family tends to the garden together over the years, until the grandmother dies. And then the mother and daughter take over. New life comes to the family.

A sweet story about seasons, gardens, and family. I love the way this book handles death and change.

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