Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Picture Book Wednesday: National Park Books

This series from Abdo Kids Jumbo is great. The photographs are amazing. Each book talks about echo systems, nature at the park, climate, and more. It gives just enough information to make the reader want to visit that park. 

In Maine, I've been here - to that exact spot on the cover. And it's fantastic. 

I would love to travel here.

Traveled to Zion a few years ago - really pretty!

Hiked rim to rim once a few years back and going again this year.

On my list of places to travel

Have you visited any of these parks?

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Betty P. Notzon said...

I have visited Glacier National Park. It is beyond spectacular. I keep wanting to go back, but it hasn't worked out. I think that's why I featured the park as the place where 16-year-old Julie Tyler meets Richard Egan, a tanned, handsome, and, as it turns out, rich, nature guide at the park who is also studying premed at Stanford. I fell in love with him myself, but then he was my creation, so of course I fashioned him to my heart's desire. The book is The Orange Dragon Bowl. It's gotten close to 20 5-star reviews!