Monday, November 16, 2020

Review: Rent a Boyfriend


Chloe can't imagine why her parents want her to marry a boy from her neighborhood. Sure his parents are rich, but the boy in question is terrible. He's so wrong for her.

Instead, Chloe hires a boy to play her boyfriend over the holidays. The  company provides the perfect boyfriend to soothe even her tradition parents' minds. 

But no matter how great Drew looks on paper, her parents aren't excited about the prospect. They still want her to marry the neighborhood boy. 

Chloe can't imagine her life married to him. She's not ready for marriage. And certainly not to him. She wishes that every choice she made wasn't an issue for her parents. Chloe knows they won't approve of Drew in real life - and now that's falling for him, everything gotten way more complicated...
My Thoughts: This was a super cute read! I loved it. I felt terrible for Chloe and the chasm between her and her parents. I can't believe they wanted her to marry that horrible boy. I loved how she and Drew grew to be close and had inside jokes. I enjoyed their banter and how they opened up to each other.  I loved learning more about Andrew's art. I wish there were pictures of it. This one is more New Adult than YA in terms of the ages of the character, but would be placed in most YA collections. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: ARC sent for review
Library Recommendation: A great #OwnVoices romance for your library's collection - highly recommended!

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