Friday, November 20, 2020

Book Spotlight: Mindy Kim series


Mindy Kim has wanted a puppy forever - and it might just be her birthday present! She's so happy when she meets her new best friend. But training Theodore is proving to be a challenge. Mindy Kim isn't about to let that stop her!

I was that kid who desperately wanted a puppy. I loved Mindy's determination and her big heart. 

When the former class president moves away, there's a new election. Mindy Kim decides to run for class president. She's using the platform of snacks, friendship, and being kind. But she has to give a speech in front of her grade. She's doesn't like giving speeches, but she practices really hard.

A great book about platforms, campaigning, and elections. Not everyone is happy with the outcomes, but some handle it with grace and others do not. 

* Mindy Kim, Class President was sent for review

Series review:
(I read and reviewed the first two books here.)
I love this series. Mindy Kim has a great big heart and she tries to do the right thing. Sure, she makes mistakes, but she handles them with grace. Of course, I also love learning about her Korean heritage. The illustrations are charming. I hope there are many more books about Mindy Kim to come.

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