Thursday, November 5, 2020

Holiday Book Review: Recommended For You


For Shoshanna, the bookstore is her happy place. She works at Once Upon and it's her own away from home. With the holidays approaching, things have gotten very busy in the indie book store. When she's asked to show a new employee around, she can't help but be disappointed that he's not a reader. How is he going to recommend books to shoppers?

When her boss announces a  competition between all the staff to see who can generate the most sales, Shoshanna knows she's a shoo-in to win. Her reader's advisory skills are off the charts. But she wasn't expecting Jake, the new guy. to give her a run for her money. 

The bonus that comes with winning the competition will help her fix her run down car and solve her transportation problems.  But the more time she spends with Jake, the more she begins to understand him. Maybe she was too quick to judge him...
My Thoughts: I really liked this book about two Jewish teens working in an indie bookstore over the holidays. I loved the banter between Shoshanna and Jake. And how they took time to warm up to each other but did become friends. Of course I loved the mentions of books and the reader's advisory scenes. I felt bad for Shoshanna as she struggled with doing the right thing (which rarely happened) with her friends and her family. I loved all the moms in this story. A heartwarming read that soothed my bookish soul.

Cover Thoughts: Adorable
Source: My library
Library Recommendation: A fun romance story with books! Highly Recommended for your school and public library collections. 

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Danielle H. said...

I just finished this one too and enjoyed the friendships and family relationships. Plus, I learned a little Yiddish.