Thursday, October 31, 2019

Graphic Novel Review: Pumpkinheads


Since their freshman year of high school, Deja and Josiah spend their fall (September 1st thru Halloween) working together at the pumpkin Patch. Together they oversee the Succotash Hut.  Each year, for two months they're best friends. After Halloween, they go their separate ways.

But now it's Halloween night, their senior year. It's their last night together. Deja has a plan for them to have an adventure. She wants to try all the snacks. She wants Josiah to talk with the girl he's been crushing over for three years. She wants them to have a night to remember. 

My Thoughts: I really loved this graphic novel. I loved the story. I loved the art. I loved that the events took place in just one night. I loved spending time in the pumpkin patch - it made me want to visit. It's a sweet story about friendship, romance, making every moment count, not having regrets, and taking chances.

It's also the perfect book to read over Halloween!
I would love to see this team pair up again - maybe for a Christmas/Winter story.

Library Recommendation: A must have graphic novel for your school and public libraries.

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Danielle H. said...

This is my all-time favorite graphic novel and one of my most loved books of 2019. Yes to more about these two characters please!