Friday, August 24, 2018

Review: Library on Wheels


Mary Lemist Titcomb believed in education, but didn't want to be a nurse (She felt faint at the sight of blood) or a teacher. When she read an advertisement for a librarian, she knew she found her place. And she was right.

She worked in Vermont, at the Rutland Free Library. She built up her reputation so much that she was asked to move to Maryland and help start their library. So she did. When she realized that their population was so spread out, she created the first bookmobile and made sure everyone had access to books.
I loved this book; it was fascinating. I loved that she never backed down ever through people told her she wasn't good enough, she was just a girl, or she couldn't make it happen. She was good enough and of course she made it happen. She made the library come alive.

I never knew about this amazing woman who had ties to the town so close to where I grew up in Vermont. Here's a photo of the current Rutland Free Library, which is a different building than when Miss Titcomb was the librarian. 
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I almost didn't purchase this book for the library collection, but I'd so glad that I did.

Library Recommendation: Library on Wheels should be in public and school libraries!

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