Thursday, May 10, 2018

Review: Stay Sweet

Stay Sweet
Molly Meade started her ice cream stand in 1944, during the war. At first it was something to help out her family and spread some joy. But it became bigger than that. She only employed girls. Now, in present day, Amelia can't believe it's her last summer at the ice cream stand. Nor can she believe that she's head girl.

But on her first day, she discovers Molly's body. There goes her perfect summer hanging out with her best friend, Cate and scooping ice cream.

Molly left her stand to her great nephew. More than anything Amelia wants to help him, but she's concerned about the changes he wants to make. Meade Creamery stands for more than just ice cream.
My Thoughts: Two concepts hooked me on this book: feminism and ice cream. I loved the dual timelines and how they came together. I loved learning about Molly's life in stages, through her diary. I really loved how the ice cream stand came to be - first with fun for her friends and then through business. I loved Amelia and her dedication to the creamery. I loved her determination, her brains, and how she wanted to make the summer magical for the other girls. I would have loved to work at the stand. I liked her relationship with Cate and how that worked out, even through the rocky moments. I felt badly for Grady and his relationship with his father. This book made me crave ice cream so badly! Stay Sweet is the perfect summer read!

Cover Thoughts: Love it.. I love the wrap around.
Source: Book sent for review
Fun Fact: The author is super sweet and fun!
Library Recommendation: A must have for school and public libraries.

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