Monday, May 7, 2018

Review: Royals

* First in a new series *
Daisy's sister is getting married - to a Prince! Suddenly her world is turned upside down by the press hounding her. After one incident, her family decides to travel to Scotland to manage the damage. Daisy's not thrilled with giving up her summer, but she doesn't have much of a choice.

Across the pond, she meets the royal entourage, including her soon to be brother-in-law. Prince Sebastian thinks he's all that, plus a bag of chips. But Daisy isn't interested in him or sharing his spotlight. Too bad the press doesn't understand; they try making the younger siblings a match.

With press looking at her, Daisy needs a crash course in royal etiquette. Miles, a friend of Prince Sebastian, gets stuck with the job. Neither him nor Daisy enjoy each other's company, but for the moment, they are stuck with each other. The order comes from the Queen herself!
My Thoughts: Oh, I LOVED this book. I loved Daisy trying to muddle through all the rules and regulations. I loved her banter with everyone - her sass and her snark were amazing. I loved her parents - her talking when nervous mother and her former rock star father. They added even more humor to the story.

I loved how Daisy didn't take to the tradition but she did try for her sister.  

Sometimes like this:
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When you're supposed to be more like:
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Basically, this book is fantastic and I loved every moment of it. Except I want the second book like yesterday! It's the perfect summer read and perfect for those anxious for the upcoming royal wedding. Grab it - you won't be disappointed. 

Cover Thoughts: CUTE
Source: ARC sent for review
Library Recommendation: Grab this one for your public and high school libraries!

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