Sunday, June 5, 2016

Book Display Ideas: June

It's the unofficial start to summer and it's heated up nicely in New England. Here are some display ideas for the month.

If you're looking for sports themed ones, check out this post.

June is:

Candy Month:
Display Ideas:
Sweet Reads! I would love to have this giant Hershey's kiss in the middle of a book display!:
Chocolate kisses
Sweeten your day with a story. . . use around Valentine's Day.:
Sweet display
Book Lists: Characters who cook/bake, or even how-to books

Gay Pride Month:
Display Ideas: Mary at the Cragin Memorial Library made this graphic novel display

Book Lists: an older list, but still valid

Adopt a Cat Month:
Display Ideas:
Grumpy cat suggest- could be depressing books? Sad books? Angry books?:
Grumpy Cat
Book Lists: favorite cats in books

June 8th: BFF Day
Display Ideas:
Box Sign "Good Friend - Best Friend" #804:
Best Friend Sign
Book Lists: books about best friends

June 19th: International Kissing Day
Book Lists: Traveling romance books

June 29th: Camera Day
Display Ideas:
Instagram Bulletin Board. From Marci Coombs Blog.  I will use this to display classroom pictures from the school year.:
Taking Pictures
Book Lists: Photography 

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