Friday, May 15, 2015

Upcoming Review: Jesse's Girl

Maya longs to become a musician in her own right. After the disaster at the talent show and getting kicked out of her own band, she’s ready to throw in the towel.

She still has to get through Career Shadow Day where she will be paired with country superstar Jesse Scott. Their first meeting went terribly wrong. Jesse’s ego can barely fit through the door; it’s clear he’d rather be anywhere but spending time with her.

Still, she gives it her best shot. Before long, defenses are broken down on both sides. What starts off as a nightmare could turn into a daydream. Can they help each other achieve their dreams?

My Thoughts: 
I Love Miranda Kenneally's book and this one is no different. I love that it branches out from sports books to a book about music and chasing your dreams.

I admit that I wasn't a huge fan of Jesse's at first, but he obviously won me over. I felt horrible for him and his family life. He had a terrible struggle with them and yet he is willing to throw away his happiness to keep his family close. It's admirable.

I really liked Maya - like Kenneally's other characters - she's strong, determined, and she has a dream. I liked watching her chase her dream to turn it into reality.

I loved the day they shared together and the outcomes from that day. 

Also I loved seeing favorite character again - like Jordan!

Cover Thoughts: Adorable
Source: Reviewed for VOYA magazine (review for blog is different)
Cover Quote: Don't you just love that quote on the cover - I wrote it in my VOYA review.
Release Date: July 7th
Final Thoughts: Jesse’s Girl is the perfect summer novel hitting all the right notes. Add this to your TBR pile - right near the top!

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