Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Wild Hearts

* Book 4 in the If Only... series *
Brie's lived all over the world because of her father's business. Usually settling into a new town and seeing the sights is fun, but not when the whole town hates your father without meeting him.

They think Mr. Carter's going to destroy the town with the new hotel he's planning to develop. Plus wild mustangs roam on the land to be developed. Now the town's protesting his arrival outside his new house. Her father's a workaholic who's not going to stop because of some protesters.

Brie, on the other hand, starts talking to Logan - the boy she met on the first day into town. He's a protester, but he's not the jerk she imagined him to be. As they get closer, the tension between their fathers heats up. How can think about a possible romance when their families are enemies?
My Thoughts: While it's technically Book 4 in the series - this series isn't connected except in the concept of contemporary romance - so it's basically a stand-alone novel. But that isn't to say you won't enjoy the other books in the If Only line.

I like how the romance started out snarky but grew into something much more. I loved how it built slowly and then burned brightly. 

I loved how Logan and Brie (and others) worked together to save the mustangs. It's amazing how they pulled things together.

I felt horrible for Logan - taking on so many responsibilities with his mom leaving, the economy, and this dad's health. I loved the moments between Logan and Holden.

I loved Amy. I loved her room and her mindset towards Southern charm. I like how she and Brie overcame their first meeting to become friends. I love how she goes after what she wants - on eBay and it's afraid to show off her style. She's a really great friend.

I loved the Brie wanted to find something she was passionate about - and not something that she was doing because of someone else. This had to be something for her. 

Cover Thoughts: Amazing - I love the pop of the colors against the black and white sketch.
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Final Thoughts: I loved Jessica Burkhart's middle grade series Canterwood Crest, so I was super excited to hear about her debut YA novel - and it's everything I wanted: great romance, great friendship, a fantastic main character, drama, and of course more horses. If you like forbidden love stories, then this is the perfect read for summer.

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