Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: Matter of Heart

Abby's amazing at swimming. So amazing that at age 16, she's hoping to qualify for the Olympic team. She's on track.

Until she faints after a race. Her coach makes her get checked out by a doctor before she's back in the pool. Abby assumes that she'll be back swimming before the end of the week. But the doctor hears something with her heart.

Abby goes for more tests, not believing that her dreams could come crashing down. Who is she without swimming?
My Thoughts: I couldn't put this book down, I devoured it in one sitting.

I felt horrible for Abby - working so hard on this dream and then to have her world change. She struggled so hard  and went through the stages of grief. Abby is strong, determined, and at times reckless. There were times when I hated her choices, but ultimately, I admired her drive and determination. 

I loved the moments of her teaching the kids - especially with Alec.

I really liked Jen - how she researched the disease and tried to talk sense into her friend. 

I wasn't a fan of Abby's boyfriend. He seemed too focused on perfection on the outside. He wasn't there for her. Plus he pressured her. 

I liked the tension between Alec and Abby - despite his rivalry with Connor.

I liked Abby's parents. I liked the moments between her and her father - especially the late night chats. I felt badly for him for having his dreams ripped away from him. But then he put all his hopes on his daughter. 

I really loved how this book was about chasing your dreams and then dealing with the aftermath of losing them. 

Cover Thoughts: Ok - doesn't really speak to me or say what the book's about
Source: Book sent for review

Final Thoughts: A powerful book about finding yourself when everything around you is crumbling. This one is a must read - add it to your list.

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