Friday, January 16, 2015

Review: Love Lucy

Lucy made a bargain with father; she’ll major in business instead of theater and she will be allowed to spend the summer before college touring Europe.  Her parents find her a traveling companion in the daughter of a family friend.

On their second to last stop in Florence, Lucy and Charlotte begin to bicker. Lucy meets a boy and before long, she’s spending her time with Jesse. After a vacation romance, Lucy returns home and back to reality but she’s not ready to give up on her dreams.

My Thoughts: I've never read Room with a View by E.M. Forester, but I loved this modern retelling. Probably more new adult than YA, I loved seeing Italy - some of the major tourist attractions and some off the beaten path.  The romance between Jesse and Lucy was sweet, mature, and realistic. At first I was sad when Lucy returns home and heads off to college, but I really enjoyed watching her face her future.  I love how she made choices to follow her dreams and to achieve her goals. A fantastic book with a perfect summer romance and the choice between a safe future and following your heart.

Source: Reviewed this book for VOYA
Release Date: January 27th

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