Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mysterious Saturday Review: All the President's Menus

Things have been quiet in the White House lately - a little too quiet for Olivia's taste.  So it's not surprise that she's happy (even though a little surprised) that visit to welcome the first woman Presidential candidate from Saardisca is still on - including hosting four top chefs.

Now the kitchen's humming with noise as the chefs attempt to learn from each other. The foreign chefs aren't used to working for a woman nor do they believe the truth about the events the kitchen's hosted. Culturally very different, Olivia's having a tough time hosting.

Things get worse when the pastry chef collapses.  He calls Olivia later, he thinks he might have been drugged. Marcel asks her to look into the matter - could it be someone in her kitchen?

My Thoughts: I adore this series for so many reasons. First the setting is amazing and I love learning more about the White House. The food always makes me want to cook up something fabulous. Plus I would LOVE a tour of the chocolate and pastry rooms!  The favorite secondary characters provide banter, comic relief, and tension.

In this addition to the series, I like how Ollie and Bucky attempt to share their knowledge with four nationally known chefs - but the reactions from the chefs themselves are priceless. They don't believe in working for a woman. They don't believe the White House hosts such elaborate events. They don't believe in taking time away from work. I'm impressed by how Ollie keeps her cool under these conditions and tries to show patience while learning about their culture. The differences between cultures were fascinating and I wonder if there are cultures who see American in this light. 

Ollie and Gav talk about their future and I can see this spinning into a whole different direction for the series - which would still be charming.

Cover Thoughts: Great!
Source: My Library

Overall Thoughts: Sink your teeth into this series, if you haven't done so already!

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