Friday, January 23, 2015

Adult Review: Dogwood Hill

* Book 11 in the Chesapeake Shores series *
Former NFL player Aidan Mitchell comes to town seeking a job as a high school football coach. He brings with him a secret from the past. His mother recently died and he just found out the name of his father. He's not sure what kind of relationship he wants with the man and until he knows, he's going to keep his identity quiet.

Liz March's husband betrayed her in the worst possible way leaving her with severe trust issues. She meets Aidan when he interviews for the job. Sparks fly and neither can stop thinking about the other, but both realize starting a relationship isn't for the best right now.  They keep bumping into each other and soon people take notice. Could they push aside their pasts for a chance at the future?
My Thoughts: I love this series - for the family that runs the town. While favorite characters appeared and I spent time with old friends, I really enjoyed looking at this town from an outsider's perspective.  I felt for both Liz and Aidan as they went through trying times. I really enjoyed the visit from Liz's family - at first it was a disaster, but by the end, everyone seemed in a much better place. Family can make you reassess everything with just one comment - which can be both good and bad. I do admit that Archie stole the book - he's funny, clever, and adorable.He added humorous moments to break the tension.  A sweet romance that deals with guilt, family, secrets, trust, and of course meddling O'Briens who want everyone to be as happy as they are.

Cover Thoughts: Gorgeous spring day
Source: My Library

Overall Thought: If you like contemporary romances, add this series to your list. It's fantastic!

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