Monday, August 18, 2014

Zest Summer Bloggin' Tour

If you have teens stuck on duct tape - this book is perfect for them. I tabbed several that would be great at my library including:
* Gift Bow
* Carnation Pens
* Basic Sticker
* Cupcake Purse (everyone needs one of these)
* Headbands
* Rings
* Bookmarks (We've done this before at the library, but they weren't rounded - nor did they have tassels)

Plus obviously you can build upon each of these ideas. Don't fancy a cupcake purse, create a basketball one instead using the same ideas. 

There are lots of great projects for going back to school

The Set-Up:
After the list of tools you can use and setting up your workstation, there's a chapter on basic duct tape techniques.
Great pictures to go along with the instructions
Levels of ease
Time length it should take to complete each project
List of materials
Highlighted tips

I confess, I'm not a huge lover of vegetables (those who know me, know that's a understatement - I really don't like them at all).  But I really enjoyed reading this book - it made me think about the foods that I do eat and how I could improve my eating habits.

What I like about this cookbook:
* The Set-up (see below)
* Season dishes: I love the alternatives for dishes depending on fresh food
* I love the idea of fresh food
* Each recipe comes from a teen
*Pictures are great
* My favorite part of cookbooks is always the desert section

The Set-Up
Short Essays in the beginning which range from Vegetarianism to Eating Locally
Chapter on basic recipes - staples for your kitchen
Easy to follow recipes

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Contest: You can win ONE of the books: The prize includes an autographed copy of the book of your choice, and may even include a roll of duct tape or a special green-themed cooking tool, depending on which book you choose for your contest. 


Unknown said...

Love this blog! Great YA info and reviews.

Kat said...

these look like awesome books! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a great duct tape book to use with my teens. This looks like a great suggestion!

Anonymous said...

I recently ordered Sticky Fingers for my library and was thinking it would be nice to have a copy to give away as a prize during Teen Read Week. Maybe this contest is the answer! ;-)

Miranda said...

I'm always looking for new non-fiction and these both look wonderful. Thank you!

Amanda said...

I love that it has a part on vegetarianism!

Unknown said...

Stinky fingers looks like a great addition to the collection.