Friday, August 8, 2014

SummerTime Review: Nantucket Blue

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Cricket and Jules are almost like sisters - they spend so much time together. Cricket's beyond excited when she's invited to spend the summer with Jules and her family in Nantucket.

Then suddenly, Jules's mother dies, devastating both girls. Cricket tries to be there for her BFF, but Jules pushes her away. She also rescinds the summer invitation, saying it's a time for just family.

Cricket decides to take on a baby-sitting job on the island, just in case Jules needs her. Once she arrives, she discovers that the job is no longer available. She lands on her feet with the cleaning job at a nearby hotel.

Jules had no interest in her, but Cricket remains. Soon she's getting into a routine and enjoying herself despite the broken friendship.  Instead, she begins to fall for a guy - one who's off limits to her - a guy that if Jules knew about, would cause further damage to her friendship. Does it matter what your BFF thinks if you're not friends anymore?
My Thoughts: The perfect summer book that features friendship drama and romance. I love how most of the book focused on the friendship between the two girls - how they were there for each other - what went wrong- and if their friendship can be fixed. The friendship was full of misunderstanding and betrayals and broken hearts. I really enjoyed the quirky secondary characters that Cricket meets at the hotel. I liked the romance and how it changed things. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel featuring the following summer.

Cover Thoughts: I like it, but I wish it had been two girls instead of a romance cover
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Chris Wolak said...

I haven't read this one, but I like your comment about wishing the cover were different.