Friday, August 29, 2014

SummerTime Book Review: Art of Lainey

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Lainey's boyfriend of two years breaks up with her in the middle of her work shift - in public and with no warning. She's devastated. She doesn't know who she is anymore without him. Now she's determined to win him back.

Her second best friend brings up the Art of War as a solution to her problems. Together the two of them pour over the ancient test looking for a battle plan. When they find one, it's time to put the plan into motion.

Lainey and her co-worker agree to fake-date each other to woo back their exes with jealousy. Micah's different than Lainey - they never really talked before, but soon she's starting figuring him out.

As the summer progresses, she learns a little more about herself and who she wants to be. 
 My Thoughts: Even though this book was predictable, it was a really enjoyable read. I liked the two friends pouring over the book, looking for a way to make a battle plan. I love it when books talk about other books (and bonus - this one was a summer reading book!)  I loved the friendship moments - even the hard ones like the conversation about "making" someone. I love how YA novels are the perfect ways to explore friendships and discovering yourself. I love how Lainey took a long look at herself after her relationship ended and realized that along the way, she lost her self and put the relationship first. I think that happens a lot and like how the author talked about it and acknowledged it - along with the shallowness of her thoughts the past few year. Plus, I loved Micah's sister - she was sweet, smart, and sassy. A fantastic debut novel that puts Paula Stokes on my must watch list.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library

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