Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: Courting Magic

Five years have passed, Kat's still the same as ever. She's still a bit wild. She's still a magical guardian. Most importantly, Kat's about to make her debut into society.

Unfortunately, the timing couldn't be worse.

There's a rogue magician using illusion magic to elevate himself into society to steal jewelry. Kat's been summoned along with Alexander and two other gentlemen to discover the identity. Can they find the culprit without ruining Kat's debut?
My Thoughts: I love Kat's stories and I'm so excited to read this novella. I've been wondering what happened to Kat as a teen for ages and this answers all my questions. I love that Kat's coming out and that in five years, she hasn't changed much. Although I did notice that her patience seems to be a little bit stronger when dealing with her family. I love her over-protective family, especially seeing Lucy again. The magical battles, the dancing, the garden moment were all perfection. Happy sigh. I love visiting characters again and this was a fabulous visit with Kat. 

Cover Thoughts: Great
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