Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Wish You were Eyre

 *6th and final book in the Mother-Daughter Book Club series*

Megan's so excited for this year; she's finally going to Paris. Her grandmother's taking her for Spring Break, which just happens to coincide with fashion week.

Unfortunately, she has a year to get through first. Her grandmother's also decided that her family should host a student from France. Sophie, who's not interested in  hanging out with Megan or her friends, has been taking up Megan's mother and her grandmother's time, leaving Megan feeling left out.

Luckily, she has her best friends to comfort her. Unfortunately, they're all having troubles of their own. Jess has trouble with a substitute teacher and her academic future might be in jeopardy. Emma and her boyfriend are running Mrs Wong's campaign for mayor. Emma's unhappy that her boyfriend's paying so much attention to Sophie. Cassidy's busy hoping her team will make the hockey national hockey championship. Becca's hoping to find a boy who likes her. She's tired of not having a boyfriend. Will these friends be able to sort of their issues and achieve their dreams?

My Thoughts: I thought the last book was the final book, so I was happy to be wrong. I really like this series. I was happy to reunite with my favorite book club for a final chapter. This time, the club reads Jane Eyre (not one of my favorites). I love how the girls have grown, matured, and changed over the years. However there are areas where they remain the same. They still pull pranks. They still have a hard time letting others into their clique. They still support each other in times of trouble. I enjoyed reading about old friends who popped into the story ranging from boys to enemies, to their book club friends.  I loved reading about Megan and her time in Paris. I loved that she started her blog again and how she described all the fashion. Everything worked out for the girls and as much as I want to know where they end up in 15 years, I love the ending!

Cover Thoughts: Cute! I love how all the covers match
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