Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Dark Mirror

 *1st in a trilogy*

By the early 1800's, magical has been outlawed among the upper echelons of society. For those adolescents who are caught performing magic, they're sent to a reform school. Often, with their lives ruined.

Lady Victoria wakes up one morning to find herself floating above her bed. She's confused, but hopes to continue her normal life. That changes in an instant at a party when her nephew falls off a cliff. He's still holding on to the side of the cliff but no one can reach him.

Knowing that it will cost her her future, Tory floats down the cliff and rescues him. After her daring rescue  ladies give her the direct cut. Her father sends her to Lackland Abbey in hopes of having her magic controlled.

There, Tory attempts to put her past behind her and attempt to get out as quickly as possible, until she discovers a secret society.  Magic is being taught underneath the schools; where the boys and girls come together.  During a raid of the magical classroom, Tory fees into an alley. The alley contains a magical mirror and before Tory knows it, she's  transported to the WWII era. The soldiers of Britain are under attack. Could Tory's magic and that of her school mates help save lives?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this combination of history and magic. I'm interested to see where the next book in the trilogy will lead. As much as I hated the Lackland Abbey, I enjoyed watching Tory learn and understand both her place at school and magic. I found her exchanges of wit with her roommate amusing. I loved the moments spent in the World War II era and how magic helped save the war. I really liked the addition of the historical note at the end of the book - perfect to use for schools.  The different time eras in this book enhanced the story. The writing descriptive, making this book hard to put down. Tory's adventure is full of magic, danger, action, and romance. 

Cover Thoughts: I'm really drawn to the mirror and the alternative clothing styles.
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